Transform your business by harnessing the potential of dedicated remote professionals

Fuel the growth of your business and assemble teams through our customized outsourcing solutions in the Philippines.

Elevate your business with the right talent that is a natural extension of your teams

Free up resources, expedite growth, and achieve scalability by tapping into our carefully curated talent pool.

Our dedicated team members will immerse themselves in your unique environment, clientele, technology, data, and systems allowing you to enhance and extend your existing foundations.

Achieve a 60-70% Cost Savings

Ways of Working

Our two ways of working allow for customizable solutions that cater to your different needs

Managed Services

Utilize all our resources to fully outsource entire parts of your work functions. Have a designated offshore manager in the Philipines and Toronto to oversee your teams and ensure results are being met

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Staffing Services

Scale your business through a remote team while managing and retaining control. Ellora will handle the HR, onboarding and recruitment. 

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Explore a Vast World of Talent to Extend Your Business's Reach

The Philippines stands as a leading global outsourcing destination, with a thriving business process outsourcing (BPO) industry serving as a key economic driver. 

A global team allows you to extend your presence across time zones, in a cost-effective and customizable way. 

Ellora has taken the traditional outsourcing model and modernized the process focusing on quality, long-term relationships and developing a road map with you and your team for success.

Getting started with us is simple

We will tailor our approach based on your needs, but the first steps are all the same


Discovery phase with our team and yours: Explore service models and design the right solution for your business and budget.


Hiring process: Ellora will hire a full suite of skilled and talented staff with the help of your expertise to ensure you have the best candidates.


Define processes: We will work with you to set KPIs for your offshore team and develop a pre-established system on our communication plan.

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