The Ellora Advantage

60-70% Cost Savings

For most roles savings of 60-70% savings will be realized by operating a remote team.

Time zone neutral

Your employees will be available to work in whatever time zone is best for you and can be available 24/7

Build Your Own Team

At Ellora we know that one size does not fit all, we will work with you to find a solution that will be most effective for you.

Toronto and Philipines Offices

You will have access to manager in Toronto and Philippines, allowing for best in class support, accountability and quality

How we are different than our competition


Avg Years working with a Client


Avg Years Employee Tenure


Avg Years working with a Client

We are dedicated to creating a company culture that is fostered and driven by the people who work with us. Our people are our most valuable assets and the only reason we are able to achieve out goals everyday. 

At Ellora we value employees ideas and pride ourselves on fostering a collaborative work environment  by promoting team socials, trainings and events. 

An engaging and enjoyable company culture will attract the right talent and can inspire employees to perform their best.

Benefits of Leveraging the Philippines

The Philippines stands as a leading global outsourcing destination, with a thriving business process outsourcing (BPO) industry serving as a key economic driver.


English Literacy Rate

43.7 M


25 Years

Of a Well-established
BPO Industry

1.5 M

Emloyees of BPO Companies, 60% increase from 2015

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